Gas Consumption counter

Gas Consumption counter
Gas Consumption counter
Product Description

Accurate evaluation is the first step for greater productivity  We bring you easy to use , high efficiency devices to improve the output from your compressed air systems in a significant manner.

You can  test your MGPS systems  for  purity of compressed air ,  measure the volume of gases consumed ,   and more.

Gas passes through sensor and its speed is measured, then calculated and displayed as flow value. Gas is measured proportionally and displayed in liters per minute and the same time flowing gas is counted and displayed in cubic meters. This counter is equipped in pressure monitoring function and alarm unit working the same as area valve box. It can also  count total usage of gas during last 6 months and every month is displayed separately.

Application: To measure the real time gas consumption of Gases in lpm and cumulative gas consumed in cubic meters. Ideal to measure the gas consumption by Individual Departments and Total Gas Consumption by entire Hospitals / Institutes.

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